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Privacy Law has developed relatively recently in Canada and around the world. Many countries and businesses are still absorbing the impact of the legislation that has been adopted to date. Individuals are still learning the implications of their rights in this area.

We have experience in assisting clients across Canada and internationally with general privacy compliance, specific project compliance and handling complaints from privacy authorities and individuals.

Internationally we have advised clients on compliance in 16 countries in Europe, North America and Asia, and implemented compliance programs in 10 countries.

We have assisted in privacy audits and prepared privacy policies, web statements, statements for printed material, notices and other materials for employees and out-sourcing agreements. We have provided seminars on privacy law for boards and staff. And we have advised on privacy issues in mergers and acquisitions.

We also have experience in making and opposing access to information requests.

We have assisted major Canadian and international businesses in real estate, financial institutions and securities, insurance, health care, pharmaceuticals, transportation, automobile manufacturing, retailing, franchising and marketing with their privacy compliance.

We have also assisted a university, a college, a Canadian First Nation (Indian Band) and a trade association.

One of our advantages in working on international projects is our knowledge of privacy laws in multiple countries and our ability to access developments in the local language, as they are made public. This allows us to give precise instructions to local counsel and to prepare documents that will be accepted in multiple jurisdictions.

Our Publications and Updates in this Area are available as Resources.

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